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Challenge: Fresh positioning for a new stoner comedy.
Idea: Digital campaign to showcase film as the ideal canna-party accessory.
Role: Concept, copy, art direction, project leadership, more.
Result: Named High Times Top 5 stoner comedies to enjoy with friends.

According to Filmmaker Clif Lord: "Steve has an uncanny ability to "be" the audience without sacrificing the essence of what the filmmaker is trying to express. This is coupled to a highly professional work ethic that is ceaseless when it comes to finding solutions to put the film in front of people and create excitement for it. It is a comforting feeling knowing that, as hard as you worked to make the film, he is in there with you working with equal ardor to see that it has a long life. For me, that meant developing a highly creative video ad campaign that captured the attitude of my film and presenting it as an experience to share with friends. He organized and supervised the entire campaign and delivered on time, on budget. His work speaks for itself. In fact, it's so good, it could be its own entertainment ecosystem outside the film it was created to promote. As satisfied as I was with the work Steve did, what stands out to me the most, is the way he would call and/or text with new ideas and thoughts about strategy as though we were in a constantly evolving landscape and playing with a living thing. Which, in fact, we were. The most important element a filmmaker requires when it comes to selling their picture is a partner vested in its success like Steve is. I can't recommend him enough."