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The Garden of Luna


Director's statement:"The Garden of Luna" is poised to become part of the long tradition of influential Fantasy Tales.

The Fantasy genre is historically driven by weird and special characters, like the "Pinocchio" wood puppet, the "Frankenstein" monster and the peculiar "Edward Scissorhands".

Using unique and effective visuals, these stories tackle real-life issues. The "Twilight" Series illustrates problems faced by young adults. "Pan's Labyrinth" tells of a child’s troubles during the civil war and "Life of Pi" showcases the traumas of a young emigrant.

Fantasy Tales can be light and colorful like "Peter Pan" and "Alice in Wonderland", or creepy and dark like "Beauty and the Beast" and "Elephant Man". In 1955, "The Night of the Hunter" combined actual backgrounds from the 1929 Great Depression with a Fantasy narrative told through a young person’s eyes.

All these films illustrate how the Fantasy Tale is an ideal audience-friendly art form to address difficult subject matter. And like these classics, "The Garden of Luna" will frighten and captivate, while passing along valuable life-lessons for all ages.

~ Pascal Morelli