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Mulligan Do-Over


Mulligan Do-over: Pre-school edutainment property developed around the positive things that result from second chances.

Mulligan’s a little boy.
Full of love - Full of joy.
He tries to do things right -
Tries with all his might.

Sometimes when things go wrong
We sing our little song

Mulligan! Mulligan!
Do it over - Do it over again.

Entertainment-wise: Mulligan’s imaginative adventures promote the idea of limitless possibilities. Stories introduce children to the idea of establishing goals and celebrates the action of trying again if things don’t work out.

Mulligan TV: Teaches the value of tenacity and sticktoitiveness.

“Dancing on a Cloud”: Helps children learn through fantastical adventures and imaginative play

“Do-Over Live”: A host leads the child-filled audience through second half games and activities that reward perseverance.

“Do it Again Mulligan”: A live-action show filled with amusing pickles to get into and second chances to help bail him out.

Educationally: Mulligan’s parent-inspired curriculum introduces 3-5 year olds to the elusive concept of empathy. It was developed in partnership with Dorothy Singer, Co-Director of the Yale Family Television Research and Consultation Center.

Topical: Imagination and Reality come together as children learn the fun and practicality of re-use and a green lifestyle from the earliest stages of development.

Brand-wise: Mulligan’s unreal blend of animate+ live-action TV, web, interactive games, products, merchandise and charitable pursuits will help distinguish it in the marketplace.

Partnerships: Smile Train is a nonprofit organization and charity providing corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates. Dorothy Singer, head of Yale's Children's Psychology Department was in charge of the curriculum and noted children's TV writer, Jay Abramowitz, was enlisted to create the shows.