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Wheelchair Foundation


Challenge: Foundation wanted a big idea to help solicit corporate sponsors.

Idea: Serve up an opportunity to be behind the life-changing joy.

Pitch: It’s dawn in a small village located near the northern tip of Guatemala. Most of the townspeople are asleep, but sixty-two of the residents are wide-awake, eagerly anticipating the arrival of a truck that will forever change their lives. Filled with nervous excitement, they gather in the village square. Collectively, they stare out at the bright orange sun as it rises over the horizon. Suddenly, a cloud of dirt rustles through the air. A truck comes into view. “Estan aqui! Estan aqui!“ (They’re here! They’re here!) News spreads quickly, people pile into the street and smiles erupt. The truck makes its way into the village and comes to a stop amidst the energetic crowd. NGO’s quickly help organize the excitement. The door on the back of the truck flings open. A long red carpet is rolled out and sixty-two new wheelchairs are introduced to sixty-two people who never thought they would enjoy this type of mobility. The mood is joyous and the crowd is festive as each recipient makes their way down the red carpet, where the Wheelchairs for the World’s paparazzi camera crew capture the magic of the limitless hope that lies ahead. And all of it, with your company logo tastefully part of the action.