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How those with Content hook up with those with contacts
  • writeonman:
    • Quick-read, one-page, visual script introductions
    • Makes Marketing fresh material faster, easier & more interesting
    • Increase the chance of the happy accident
    Set the stage for a good read
    • Introduce your material to a larger audience
    • Present the concept of your project quickly
    • Follow up easily with a PDF of your full script
    • Have a poster made for your script - EASY!
    Spend seconds before committing hours
    • Discover new talent and fresh material
    • Quickly determine if something's worth the read
    • Directly connect with authors for a full script
    • Need something written? writeonman -let's discuss
    Get in early
    • Connect with a collaborative community of undiscovered talent
    • Enjoy multiple revenue streams from screenwriters band industry folks
    • Become the gateway for a potential gold mine of material