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Turn your head and cough.
  • TITLE:

    Irreverent Interns

    WGA: TXu 600-651
  • AUTHOR(S):

    Dennis Goldberg

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  • TYPE:


  • GENRE:



    County hospital, 1962.


    A 1960's coming of age romantic comedy with all the insanity of raucous interns, willing nurses, screwball doctors, out-of-control patients and wild parties.

  • CAST:

    4-6 characters.


    A coming of age romantic comedy that follows the misadventures of DAN as he matures through his internship at a decrepit city hospital. Dan, a perfectionist, confronts the unreasonable authority of the hospital and challenges the head of surgery, DR. RACHELL LANDON, over her medical incompetence. He conflicts with her inept 'yes man' lover, DR. ROBERT GARBE, who begins as a surgical resident. Later, he switches to psychiatry where he belongs as a ward resident rather than as a resident physician.

    Dr. Garbe joins forces with the crazy Doctor WINDSLOW, equally nuts senior student BRIAN, and Dr. Landon to have Dan expelled. Dan is always on solid medical ground as he battles the evil alliance but has slippery support from other interns. His immaturity is a major obstacle to his future. Dan pursues NURSE SANDRA who is also a by-the-book person. Complications develop in their budding romance because both are prudish and in-experienced in the ways of courting. As their love grows so do their carnal desires which leads to catastrophic consequences.

    PHIL, Dan's roommate, is involved in comedic medical and social mis-adventures along with the other interns. These experiences are drawn from the fantasy of what internship could have been; parties, loose women, practical jokes and general medical mayhem. He tries to dissuade Dan from his ill advised confrontations, but fails. DR. MORRIS, head of the hospital, attempts to maintain control over the outrageous interns. He sees great potential in Dan.

    Dr. Morris is at odds with his long time nemesis Dr. Landon and in the end, is elated when she and her entourage resign because of Dan's steadfast endeavors. When Dan is acquitted of all charges and allowed to graduate, he and Sandra plan to marry.


    Dennis is an award-winning, produced writer, who just happens to also be the historian and intern of this nearly true to life personal experience.