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  • TITLE:

    Not This War

    WGA: 1054800
  • AUTHOR(S):

    Dan & Lance Hubp

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  • GENRE:



    Dorothy and her two boys are almost comical in their daily struggle to cope with the terror and uncertainty of her husband's combat tour in Vietnam. When she accidentally discovers the Battalion's dark secret, Dorothy is driven to bring her husband home by any means necessary.


    Not This War is the story of one woman's battle to accept her role as a proper Army wife during the tragedy of Vietnam. Dorothy Stockwell resides in a society where the ideals of honor, duty and sacrifice stand without question. In the spring of 1968, this world comes completely unhinged.

    With her husband dispatched to an unpopular war, her two young boys struggling in another new school, her father hounding her for choosing the military life, her community under siege by fanatical protesters, and her television consumed by visions of death and destruction, Dorothy stands in the face of the Colonel's wife and Post regulations to find solace in the one thing she can create for herself -- a beautiful garden.

    Dorothy's accelerating spiral ratchets tighter and tighter as events around her challenge everything she has ever believed. In the end, her family's only hope lies in her willful conviction to take matters into her own hands.