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Andy Warhol's dead. A pursuit of 15 minutes. Worth it?

  • TITLE:

    Andy Warhol's Dead

    WGA: 1042340
  • AUTHOR(S):

    Cheryl Compton and Chris Alan Young

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  • TYPE:


  • GENRE:



    New York City & Indiana, circa 1987


    After the death of Andy Warhol, two misfit college students, an aspiring artist and her gay best friend move to New York City to claim their 15 minutes.

  • CAST:

    4-6 characters.


    Maggie's obsessed with Warhol. Too cool for Indiana, she vows to move to New York with her gay pal Chaz and their seemingly gay friend Johnny. She dreams of meeting Warhol and becoming the new art scene darling.

    Unfortunately, before they relocate, Warhol dies. Maggie and Chaz move anyway, but Johnny stays behind. Their big city reality is a far cry from their Interview Magazine inspired dreams. Chaz and Maggie befriend the larger than life, yet incredibly petite, Dave Darlington. To Maggie, Dave is Warhol and she happily accepts his, and friends Ricky and Gino's help at adapting to the Big City. Maggie and Chaz gain instant entre into the mysterious world of cool.

    Johnny eventually joins them but doesn't fit in. Maggie gets so caught up she fails to notice one of her best friends is madly love with her, one has become a junkie and one is dying. Even with her world turned upside down, the dream for her 15 minutes rages on.


    Cheryl Compton and Chris Alan Young have worked in and around the business most of their lives. Cheryl started in the music industry, before moving into stage and screen production. She has worked on independent and mega projects alike. Chris began his career pushing a mail cart at the William Morris Agency. He later worked for CBS, Nickelodeon and on The Jon Stewart Show. Most recently he was a talent development executive at Comedy Central. Andy Warhol's Dead, a semi-autobiographical story, is their first collaboration.